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10 Furniture Problems You Can Fix


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Crystal Dvorak has actually been taking care of, creating, bring back, and upcycling furniture for more than 20 years. The owner of Urban Patina in Shakopee, MN, she's seen every issue a piece of furniture can have. And she's repaired them. These are a few of her tried-and-true techniques for repair works that stand the test of time.

After years of being pressed and pulled to and from the dinner table, chairs can deal with their wooden joints coming loose. The very first casualties are often rungs popping out of the legs.If you want to know about white dining chairs visit nearby furniture shop. "This happens even more regularly with brand-new furniture that's not constructed as solidly as older furniture," Dvorak states.


Police Department Bought Motorcycles,

Cars with Almost $1 Million Seized Under

Controversial Program

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A new report from the Justice Department contained that an authorities department situated in a Chicago area utilized almost $1 million it got from a controversial government program to buy items including motorcycles, a Chevy Camaro, and a boat, raising further concerns about whether the program should exist at all.

According to an audit conducted by the Justice Department and released today, the Willow Springs Police Department in Willow Springs, Ill., invested $966,625 in funds from the Justice Department`s Equitable Sharing Program to acquire items the federal company competed were outside the program`s intended purpose of improving law enforcement operations.


New Furniture Line from Brush Factory a

Sleek Take On Midwest Minimalism

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Speaking from her wood shop in a Cincinnati warehouse, designer Rosie Kovacs needs to step into a side space to take a call. As her and her partner Hayes Shanesy, who began the furniture and design firm Brush Factory in Cincinnati in 2009, get ready to launch a brand-new line of minimalist furniture, the store floor has the tendency to get a little loud.

When they started out, as she discusses, they didn`t have a firm deal with on direction; Kovacs, a fashion design major, and Shanesy, a commercial designer, began a retailer that didn`t work out, then counted on exactly what became a successful wholesale commercial furniture, grabbing attention nationally for their line of handmade items, such as necklaces and bottle stops made from hardwood.